The Harmonic Egg is a resonance chamber that utilizes sacred geometry, light, color, and sound frequencies to restore and rebalance the body. Through a specific amount of repeatable sessions, this integrative energy therapy resets the autonomic nervous system enabling a person to achieve optimal spiritual, mental, and physical health.

Under the right conditions our body has an innate ability to heal itself. The body is fluid, not dense. Energy needs to flow in, through, and around us to remain healthy. Stagnant energy can lead to frequency imbalances and result in disease. Dr. Ibrahim Karim, founder of BioGeometry states “ There is a vibrational spectrum that governs the health and consciousness of all living things.”

Energy therapy is on the verge of a new medical paradigm shift with ancient roots. The healing powers of sacred temples are well known and have extraordinary effects on the human body. Temple builders encoded harmonics and resonance in the design of the temple. Today people travel thousands of miles to be in the presence of sound healing temples.

Every system in the body has a rhythm like a collection of instruments. Working together it can create an inner orchestra making harmonious music. When out of balance it only makes noise.

The Harmonic Egg primes the body to get back to a natural rhythm and flow and to a state of EQUILIBRIUM.

Sound healing temple in Malta. The ancient temple is the only prehistoric underground temple in the world.

It dates back to nearly 3,500 years ago and holds a unique secret. Its structure resonates at 111Hz, or the ‘holy frequency.’

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