Can the Harmonic Egg help you reach your Highest Self? A conversation with Shaman Randi Maggid

Tune in to the great discussion with Shaman and podcast host, Randi Maggid! In this interview, Gail and Randi discuss topics not-yet heard before. Find out more about:

Can the Egg help you get closer to “God” and higher self? What is the science behind using light and sound for healing? How did Gail gain the confidence to create the Egg, and what advice does she have for other inventors (especially women inventors)? Where does Gail think the channeled design of the Egg came from? What is the root cause of most illnesses? What is Dragon Energy? How is a remote Egg session like prayer? Do Eggs evolve? And much, much more! Don’t miss this fabulous discussion to get more deep cuts on the wonderful, magical Harmonic Egg.

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Gail Lynn on Coast to Coast with Richard Syrett!

We are SO excited that Gail was interviewed by Richard Syrett on Coast to Coast Radio! This was a great interview and has taken the nation by storm! The feedback, calls and emails have been overwhelming, and we are happy to find so many “family members” out there. Tune in to this incredible interview to hear a deep dive into the Egg…Gail answers questions you haven’t heard asked before. It’s two hours of Egg goodness, so don’t miss out!

The Silver Sphinx: Breakthrough Technology with Healing Frequencies, Treating Anxiety, Autoimmune and More!

Our friend Joshua Lionlight, aka the Silver Sphinx, wrote this wonderful article about the Harmonic Egg. Thank you, Joshua!

The Harmonic Egg | Breakthrough Technology With Healing Frequencies, Treating Anxiety, Autoimmune Issues & More!

Energy, Frequency and Vibration: Gail speaks to Eric and Michelle at Awakening Code Radio, Part 1

Listen to Eric, Michelle and Gail discuss sacred geometry, magical music and the medicine of the future.

This is Part 1 of a two-part interview. Stay tuned for next week’s second conversation!

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