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I am thrilled to introduce the first Harmonic Egg in South Carolina to the Lowcountry! Working as a Registered Nurse for 20 years I have observed first hand the need. I am disappointed with many aspects of current “health” care options in this country. We have a broken, dysfunctional system. Pharmaceuticals are overprescribed and often the only option presented. WIth this model, it is difficult for anyone to find their way to wellness.

There are numerous options and paths to healing the body that are not promoted. Modalities that are considered alternative are dismissed despite positive research. I anticipate over the next 20 years this paradigm will shift as more people realize we are not only a physical body but an energetic one as well. My hope is that energy healing will become mainstream so everyone is aware of its healing power and benefits.

I feel fortunate for the opportunity to share this new technology with the Lowcountry. I look forward to being able to truly help people find their WELLNESS from within.

Hope to see you soon.


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