Remote sessions and an Autistic boy, a very touching testimonial.

Here’s a quick summary of the progress of one Autistic child.

This initial session was held in person. At this time the child could say individual words, but did not speak in compete sentences. In general, he would not respond to questions. Although he had always been loving, he seemed to be very much in his own world. He showed limited interest in interacting with others outside his family.

At his first visit he was very rambunctious, and ran up and down the halls of the office building. While inside my office his parents had to physically restrain him at times, as he wanted to explore and pick up any object he could. During the session in the Harmonic Egg he sat on his mother’s lap. (He is a very tall, big 5 year old.)

We saw progress by the next morning when the child spoke his first sentence to his Dad. “It’s about time and space,” he said after his Harmonic Egg session.

We determined that it might be easiest to schedule his future sessions remotely due to him being very full of energy inside the space of the center. Since then, he has had a total of 14 sessions. His mom doesn’t tell him when a session is scheduled, but she makes sure he is always well-hydrated. Here are a few of the highlights and the approximate timing:

Session 3: The mother reported a dramatic improvement is his joy and happiness.

Session 5: The boy began to explore his surroundings and seemed interested in his home in a new way, as though he had emerged from a cocoon. He also began to show signs of empathy for others.

Session 7: He began to tell others his name. He would also address his teachers and peers by their names.

Session 10: He begin to bite himself and once bit a teacher quite hard. The parents asked me to work on this issue. During this next session I set the intention for the frustration to be lifted from him. He never bit a teacher again and over the next two weeks he stopped biting himself. He continued to progress with language skills.

Session 13: During playtime with Dad, the child said, “ Powerful egg,” five times.

Session 14: Prior to this session his father asked me to address the issue of the child becoming frustrated when having his diaper changed. At school the teachers would put him on a changing table, and although he was still friendly following the bathroom break, he would not speak for the rest of the day. He would respond similarly when frustrated by other issues as well.

Based upon Suzy Miller’s work, we are aware that the client is telepathic. During the remote sessions we spoke to him more deliberately, telling him that he could tell his Mom and Dad when he wanted to go potty and they would show him how to use the toilet. We also told him he could say “No” when he didn’t want to do something. We explained that he could say, “No, I don’t want that. I want this.” Following our conversation we set the same intention with the Harmonic Egg.

We received a text message from his mother about a week later saying that following a rough start to the week, by the end of the week there was great progress with her son talking almost non-stop throughout the day. She said the school reported what seemed to be a major “break though”. When we spoke with the Mom by phone and we explained what we had done during the session, she was astounded as it correlated directly with his behavior. He had been saying “No,” repeatedly, and even told her, “I don’t want potato chips, I want pretzels.”

We are hopeful that in a few more weeks the child will make progress with potty training as well!

November, 2020

One particular music selection for autism and relaxation is Kid’s Sanctuary in the link below on the Wellness Tracks package!


Overeating causes alkaline foods to turn acidic in the body.

We have again entered the most magical time of the year, where people have classically gathered together in the short, cold days of the winter, giving cheer and fellowship to others as they looked forward to the warmth and sunshine of the near future. We give to others, we practice gratitude, and we make sure to brighten up the dark nights with twinkling lights, sacred music, and scents of the most delicious foods and deserts. The food this time of year is always the best, isn’t it? I remember being a child and watching my family heap piles of yumminess onto their plates, only to later painfully waddle off to the living room to discretely (or not!) unbutton the top button of their pants so they could sit, unrestricted, in the living room and doze off as their bodies tried to process all that holiday goodness.

Whether you plan to cook a large meal for a small group of loved ones this year, or simply do something casually for only you and your partner, over-eating doesn’t have to be on the menu. There are many reasons why dropping this one bad habit might be the healthiest choice you make this holiday season. I’ll get into those reasons in this blog post.

If we want to talk about overeating, we first have to look at the stomach and understand what it’s designed to do. Your stomach is, basically, a small sack that is meant to hold your meal temporarily. It’s roughly the size of your fist, and ideally should only hold about two and a half ounces of food in it at a time. The stomach can expand to hold about a quart of food, but the more you put in, the more you disrupt the stomach in its basic function.

The stomach is unique in that it secretes digestive enzymes, most notably hydrochloric acid (HCl). HCl breaks down proteins so that once your food reaches your intestines, that turkey you ate is now in smaller, more manageable particles that can be absorbed by your body through a healthy intestinal wall, and eventually used by your body to rebuild and repair (I want to add here that not everyone has a healthy intestinal wall or the proper amount of HCl to complete this task, but that is a topic for another day). HCl is also, on a side note, meant to acid-wash any parasites or disease that lingers on the food you eat, protecting you from taking on any internal scavengers that will use you for their own benefit.

When you overeat and overfill your little sack, you begin to disrupt this process. The stomach churns your food, rolling it around to give it a thorough dose of digestive enzymes and HCl. This breaks down the cellular membranes of the food and also gives it that proper sterilization before it moves on into your intestines. However, overeating limits the stomach’s room to churn and move, which means not everything is getting broken down, and parasites can hide and never get dealt with. Suddenly, what should be an easy two to four-hour process becomes a sluggish eight-hour exercise in futility. Exhausted, your stomach will finally move that undigested food into your intestines, where it will now rot, ferment, and create a host of issues that can include inflammation, leaky gut, gas and bloating, and an unhealthy microbiome.

Overeating can also create problems in your esophagus. The stomach has a door in, and a door out. These are called sphincters. When you eat, the stomach will close the esophageal sphincter tightly so that none of the HCl will escape and accidentally burn the esophagus, causing acid reflux. With chronic overeating, that muscle becomes weaker because you force that door open too often. I currently know of a woman with Barrett’s Esophagus (the lining is so badly damaged from acid that she is now “pre-cancerous”), and she is scheduled for surgery. I can assure you that this is not the outcome you want to deal with someday!

So, we’ve determined that by overeating, you risk your esophageal health, your intestinal health, and you allow parasites an easier entry into your body. What else can happen? Well, since this is just a quick blog post, I’ll keep it brief. By compromising your intestinal health, you open yourself up to chronic inflammation, gout, arthritis, weight gain, a compromised immune system/autoimmune issues, yeast overgrowth, an acidic pH balance (even if you eat alkaline foods, overeating and not allowing them to digest properly will putrefy them in your intestines and turn them acidic), and toxicity issues. A healthy gut is your superpower! It’s your way of allowing your body to operate optimally, and if you compromise that system by hindering your stomach (the first step in the process), then you’ve already lost that battle.

So, be of good cheer this holiday season. Enjoy your food, but don’t over-do it. Try not to drink liquids while you eat (it dilutes stomach acids), breathe, chew mindfully long enough to liquify your food, and know that it takes twenty minutes for your belly to signal to your brain that you’ve had enough. Not only will you taste and enjoy your favorite foods more thoroughly, but this will also allow your body to truly appreciate and use that food to keep you energized, healthy, and ready to rock through the holiday nights with those you love.

I wish you all a warm and loving holiday season!

Learn more on how you can support your own healing.


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Video Explanation of Distance / Remote Sessions in the Harmonic Egg!

Here is a link to the written protocol with testimonials.  Video below.

Now offering Distance Healing (Testimonials inside!)

Testimonials from Egg Owners! Do you have a desire to help others?

Many locations are already open, or are opening soon in cities around the world.  The Harmonic Egg is a sacred geometric chamber used to manifest health and wellness.  It’s non-invasive, no-touch and it uses sound and light in a consistent and repeatable technology.  To read more you can purchase the book, Unlocking the Ancient Secrets to Healing here.

To learn more about purchasing a Harmonic Egg please send your city, state, or country information for pricing and details.

Below are a few testimonials from current center owners.

“The Harmonic Egg is a true gift! Every day I watch my clients experience powerful shifts and transformations. This satisfying business adds purpose and passion to my life. As the developer of this wonderful modality, Gail offers great support and is always wiling and able to answer any of the Center owner’s questions.”

“The Harmonic Egg was recommended to me by a friend who told me to try it for grief and depression over my divorce.  After experiencing the life altering changes it made in my life, I knew instantly I wanted to open my own center and gift this modality to the St Charles/St Louis Community. ”

“First let me say, Gail Lynn is the best! Her calm confidence is astounding and her sixth sense even better! She is dialed-in to what you are thinking, what you need, and how to help or guide you into that realm, without astutely telling you, and sometimes without you even knowing! I am proud owner of the #13 Harmonic Egg, Lucky 13! The first time I saw the Harmonic Egg, 2019, I knew I had to have one! It was a pull to go get it, and the first time I experienced it only confirmed what I already knew, I had to have it! The peace that comes over when you have a session is indescribable! Within a few sessions I was relieved of inflammation and anxiety around driving. After adding Silver 500 to my sessions, and continuing in my own Harmonic Egg with sessions, I was able to balance my hormones and alleviate almost all of my ‘autoimmune’ issues and concerns. In addition, the Harmonic Egg has given my son, with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a great deal of help, support and healing in the right direction!

I would have to say that I am a very proud Harmonic Egg owner, as I wish I could just sleep in the Harmonic Egg every night! I faithfully attend my own session every 5-7 days and believe in the therapeutic aspects and beyond….I am also proud to be part of Gail’s ‘Egg Family’ and I thoroughly enjoy the owner meetings she conducts. The support and guidance that we give and get from both, other owners and Gail is amazing. Gail trains us, is there for us most hours of the day and is willing to help, guide, give advice, etc as much as she possibly can. Gail is very open and honest and easy to talk to and with! Gail is like a sister you can look up to and feel confident in walking along side of her. Gail is also a great inventor who is down to Earth enough to just say things how they are and allow you to do the same, in small groups and one-on-one calls! I am thrilled I contacted Gail, over one year ago and even more thrilled to have been able to get lucky Harmonic Egg #13.

Thank you Gail for being so open, so kind, so generous and for just being you! You’re the BEST!!!! Let if flow….

Proud Harmonic Egg Owner, #13 (Central Valley, CA.)”  ~Brooke Atwood, PhD, All About Me Healing and Wellness Center



by Adrianne L. Fahey, first published in ARCB News Journal, Summer 2020, Volume 30

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” said President Franklin D. Roosevelt during his 1933 inaugural address to the nation. There was never a better time to revisit the meaning of these words than right now during this coronavirus pandemic, when fear is running rampant.  People are in lockdown, families are separated and unable to see each other in person, nonessential businesses have been shuttered, thousands are dying in hospitals, people are starving and facing foreclosures, etc.  It’s a real mess out there.  Or is it?  Maybe the real mess resides within ourselves.

According to quantum physics, everything physical is actually comprised of energy, and energy controls life.  At the most basic level, we are all energy waves interacting with each other. When these energy waves intersect, the wave interference can be either positive (constructive) or negative (destructive) in nature.  All waves together are called a field.  Everything is connected through the field, because waves can’t be separated from each other.

A field shapes matter.  According to Albert Einstein, “the field is the sole governing agency of the particle (matter).”  Different atoms (matter) vibrate at different frequencies.  All animals and plants (and therefore, humans) communicate with vibration based upon differing frequencies.  Proteins within our bodies respond to these vibrations as well in a positive or negative way.  Any disease, therefore, is caused by bad proteins or bad signals.  There are three ways to “mess up” the signal:  trauma, toxins, and thought (the mind).  A person can literally change his/her biology by changing his/her mind.

According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief, the function of receptors and effectors (the switch mechanism) on a cell membrane is awareness of the environment through a physical sensation; in other words, perception.  Perception is the switch which controls our biology.  Basically, only two forces drive perception: love or fear, and it is the mind that makes the decision for either love or fear in every circumstance.  We make that decision.  We are the interpreters of the signals from our environment.  That’s why people can – and do – disagree on just about everything in this world, because we all have different perceptions based upon our past conditioning and the stories we make up so that everything that happens to us fits in or lines up with our preconceived notions about life.

One of the things that Dr. Lipton discovered in his research was that a cell cannot move in two directions at the same time.  It can either move toward a signal or away from a signal, depending on whether it is positive or negative.  Cells can be in either growth (positive) or protection (negative) mode.  This principle applies not only to cells but to us as individuals.  We can either be in growth mode or protection mode but not both at the same time.  It’s an either/or proposition.  Protection mode is driven by fear – the whole “fight or flight” mechanism.  An individual “perceives” a situation as threatening and makes a determination to either stand his ground and fight or decides to run for his life.  Obviously, then, an individual in growth mode feels no fear, but instead feels happy, safe, cared-for, stress-free, and loved.

Fear can manifest in many forms: anger, depression, anxiety, jealousy, intolerance, hatred, defensiveness, insecurity, pride, greed, etc.  Each of these emotions has a different vibratory rate.  According to The Sedona Method, the emotion with the lowest vibration is apathy, followed by greed, fear, lust, anger, and pride, with courageousness, acceptance, and peace having the highest vibratory rates.  Love has the highest vibration of all.  Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work with water crystals bears this out.  He found that the words “love and gratitude” formed the most perfect water crystals while hateful words produced deformed or nonexistent water crystals.

According to Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936), developer of the Bach Flower Remedies, it is our fears, worries and anxieties that cause illness and disease.  He believed that the mind is in absolute control of the mental and physical conditions of every human being.  Dr. Bach discovered that the personality of an individual was of more importance than the body in the treatment of disease.  The answer to treating disease was to find a way to treat the negative moods and emotions that were responsible for disease in the first place.

He stated that life is harmony – a state of being in tune – and disease is discord or a condition when a part of the whole is not vibrating in unison.

One of the most important uses of energy in the body is the immune system.  Stress hormones, produced when a threat is perceived by the mind, shut off the immune system.  Dr. Lipton states that our bodies contain every known disease/illness, but a strong immune system can suppress their expression in our bodies.  If this is true, then why are so many people afraid of the coronavirus?  If we accept Dr. Lipton’s assertion that our bodies already contain every known disease/illness, we have nothing to fear.  Our bodies know how to fight off this virus as long as our immune systems are strong, and some of the ways to keep them strong include eating healthy, exercising, and managing our emotions by choosing love over fear.

If we fall victim to all of the hype in the mainstream media surrounding this virus, aren’t we doing our bodies a disservice by choosing fear instead of love?  Aren’t we just shutting down our own immune systems?  And what type of energy waves will we be transmitting to our clients when we show them how fearful we are by wearing masks and gloves, forgoing hugs or handshakes, minimizing conversation, social distancing, or are constantly wiping down surfaces?  How effective are we going to be as reflexologists if we’re coming from a place of fear?  These questions are not meant to minimize the suffering experienced by some of the populace throughout all of this, but are we really helping the situation by buying into fear?  I think not.  Let’s reject fear and choose love instead, and let our actions reflect that love, for our own sake and for the sake of the world.

Got Migraines?!


23 years of agony and fear

By Gail Lynn (Written in 2010).  Life Center is going on 8 years old and we have evolved from the older technology light box to the next generation of sound and light chambers called The Harmonic Egg.  Check out the website for more details.

If you have ever been a migraine sufferer, then you know what it’s like to, at one moment, be enjoying life, and then suddenly-BAM!-it hits you out of the blue. A true migraine gives very little warning and, for most, no real reason.

My first migraine occurred at the age of 17.  I was getting ready to go to a friend’s graduation party and BAM!, there it was. I had optical migraines. It was as if I had looked at the sun and then looked away, leaving a negative of the image in my view. The spot would stay there and grow, reaching out towards the edges until it eliminated my peripheral vision completely. After about forty-five minutes the pain would start, pain like an ice pick scraping the inside of my skull for endless hours. Twelve to fifteen hours of this left me feeling as if a gun to the head might be a better option. The pain was so intense that if I entered into a lit area I would feel the need to vomit and have diarrhea at the same time. Most of the time I would just gag over the toilet and get nothing but drool. I couldn’t eat, sleep, drink, or relax. Over a twenty-three year period, I averaged eight migraines a year. I can’t imagine what I might have done had I experienced them more often than I did.

Migraines ran my life.  There was always a fear of the next one.  Sometimes I would look at the sun or at a bright light, and when I looked away my body would be tense, almost as if it was expecting to be filled with overwhelming pain in an instant. Migraine sufferers live with that fear daily and always have to be sure on how to cope when it hits.  I was lucky that I had forty-five minutes of compromised vision before the pain started. It was my warning. Many times I found myself racing home, nervously driving, so that I could get into bed where the shades were down and the lights were out.

For twenty-three years I searched for answers. The first place I looked was in traditional medicine, and after thousands of dollars and many wasted years I realized that I needed better options. I tried acupuncture, chiropractic, yoga, hypnosis, herbs, supplements and diets.  Sometimes I thought I received some relief, but it never seemed to last.

In January of 2007 I found a sound and light technology/modality.  The light box uses frequency, vibration, sound and light waves in a resonant frequency to detoxify, de-stress, reset and rebalance the body.  It takes the body to a level below the level of consciousness while still in an awakened state and works to balance the autonomic nervous system so the body can work to heal itself.

I traveled to Arizona to try it, and at first I really didn’t notice anything.  I was one of the biggest skeptics. After several months I noticed subtle changes; my eye doctor told me that my eyesight had improved, and I noticed that my asthma seemed to have disappeared.  I wondered if it could have been the light box.  I had not done anything else, and despite my stressful job and lifestyle, something was improving my wellness.

A year later I visited the center again and the next migraine I had only lasted for 10 hours and seemed to be less intense.  Another light box session and the next migraine lasted only about 6 hours.  One time I developed a migraine while I was at the center, and I entered the light box during the migraine.  A session lasts about one hour, and that hour was painful. However, the migraine was gone in about 15 minutes after the session, and I was able to eat and keep food down right away.

I was so amazed that I decided to open my own center in Colorado. To date, I have been migraine-free for one year.  I did about twenty sessions before the migraine pain was gone, but the pain is finally gone!  I have had a few silent migraines in the past year, but never with any pain.  What I mean by silent is that I had the compromised vision, but nothing more than that followed.

I am more than grateful to the older technology for all it has done for me and for what I have seen it do for others.  I am not only migraine-free, but also asthma-free and insomnia-free. I breathe better, I don’t have globs of hair coming out in the shower, I feel less stressed, I don’t need my glasses anymore, my cystic acne is gone, my blood work is pretty darn good for a 40 year old woman and I have also had several other improvements.

If you suffer from migraines don’t give up!  There are therapies that are out there that might be right for you.

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